QuuSoft Junk File Cleaner

QuuSoft Junk File Cleaner

Software to delete unused files on your computer system

The QuuSoft Junk Cleaner software program will ensure your hard drive will have extra space you badly need by eliminating some junk files in your system.

This tool is designed to boost your system’s performance by cleaning and getting rid of unused log, index, backup and large files that can cause system crashes, files with zero sizes, temporary files your computer doesn't need and more.

The QuuSoft Junk Cleaner deletes these unwanted files so your hard drive will have more space. This extra space makes it easy for your computer to move files around your hard drive and makes your computer process data faster.

The QuuSoft Junk Cleaner has a file shredder that will permanently remove unwanted files from your computer's system. The data protection capability of the QuuSoft Junk Cleaner will make sure junk files go to the recycle bin or folder you specify to easily rollback any changes you have on your system.